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In Her
Own Words

from the desk of Mary Palmer


I am extremely passionate about ALL students in APS.  Each and every one of them deserves an education that will enable them to be successful in their post secondary and career aspirations, and really in any life choice they may choose to make.  As a mother of three children who all successfully matriculated through APS, I know that every child is special, unique and brings their own gifts and possibilities to the world.  I’m also not blind to the fact that every child will face stumbling blocks to achieving their possibilities. I truly care and I am not shy about asking for and defending what I feel is needed in my community.



I want to be part of the solution. I want to serve our children in a way that gives them a better future. I want to work to create schools that drive change inside some of our most underserved neighborhoods.  I want to make a personal difference in the lives of our students. I’ve done this in my neighborhoods schools and communities for the past 30 years, and now I want to do this work for every child in Atlanta. 


Integrity is key. I strongly believe in making decisions based on what is the right thing to do. You must have the heart to do what is right, and to obey the rules. It is that Black and White. I see no Gray areas when it comes to our children.


In lieu of flowers, donations to commemorate Mary's legacy in education can be made to The Southwest Atlanta Foundation, Inc., to benefit the Mary Palmer Legacy Scholarship Fund by check, Zelle, or Cashapp.

The QR Codes below are direct links to the Zelle and Cashapp accounts. No donation is too big or small and the family greatly appreciates you for all of your love and support.


Pay to:

The Southwest Atlanta

Foundation, Inc.

Send to:

4420 Danforth Rd

Atlanta, GA 30331


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